I started Aikido when I was 9 years old at Cercle Tissier in Vincennes with my teacher, Christian Tissier, 8th dan Shihan. I still attend his classes today, over 30 years later.

I obtained the 4th dan at the age of 28 thanks to a diligent and intensive practice of around 20 hours a week.

Aujourd’hui titulaire du 6ème dan (UFA) et du 5ème dan Aïkikaï, du DEJEPS Aïkido, je fais partie du Collège Technique National pour la FFAAA, en tant que Déléguée Fédérale Régionale pour la Normandie.



I have been teaching children and adolescents for over 20 years, initially at Cercle Tissier and, more recently, at Dojo des Guilands in Montreuil.

I gave my first adult lessons at the Neuilly-sur-Marne dojo, before creating my own club in Paris in the 13th arrondissement in 2010. After ten years of existence, the latter has been renovated with a new location and a new name: Aikido en Seine .

Since 2015, I'm teaching the students of the University of Paris, as part of the APSA (Sports, Physical and Artistic Activities).

Enfin, j’ai animé pendant 10 ans des séances d’Aïkido pour des adolescents autistes en Institut Médico-Educatif, et je dispense des formations sur toute l'Ile-de-France aux structures en charge de ce public (IME, FAM, SESSAD, Hôpital de jour).Pour plus d'informations, cliquez ici.

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photo credit Alain Sivisay

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