I started Aikido when I was 9 years old at Cercle Tissier in Vincennes with my teacher, Christian Tissier, 8th dan Shihan. I still attend his classes today, over 30 years later.

I obtained the 4th dan at the age of 28 thanks to a diligent and intensive practice of around 20 hours a week.

Today, I hold the 5th dan (UFA and Aikikai) of DEJEPS Aïkido. I am also part of the Collège Technique National pour la FFAAA (FFAAA National Technical College) as a Regional Federal Delegate for Normandy



I have been teaching children and adolescents for over 20 years, initially at Cercle Tissier and, more recently, at Dojo des Guilands in Montreuil.

I gave my first adult lessons at the Neuilly-sur-Marne dojo, before creating my own club in Paris in the 13th arrondissement in 2010. After ten years of existence, the latter has been renovated with a new location and a new name: Aikido en Seine .

Since 2015, I'm teaching the students of the University of Paris, as part of the APSA (Sports, Physical and Artistic Activities).

For 10 years, I led Aikido sessions for autistic adolescents in a Medico-Educational Institute, and I provided training to structures in charge of this same audience (IME, FAM, SESSAD, Day hospital) throughout the Ile-de-France region.

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